About fresh-range Lower prices that are fair

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How do we deliver low prices for you and fairer prices for producers?

We keep food storage and haulage to a minimum, reduce waste and cut out middle men. By sourcing fresh produce directly from the producer and immediately delivering it to you, we virtually eliminate the need for physical stores. This allows us to keep the cost down for you and the price paid to the producer up.

We’ve been learning how to form short, fast and light food supply chains since 2013. The entire process of managing orders between customers and producers, fulfilling the food from the producer and consolidating and delivering to the customer has been reinvented by our tech and logistics people. Our technology enables producers to supply new markets consistent with their individual capabilities. This means many more small scale producers can supply through the fresh-range platform than they otherwise could. In turn, more customers can enjoy produce from producers they may not otherwise reach. Barriers to entry are being removed to enable supply and demand to flow more freely and naturally. In many food categories, this can result in a price point that’s more attractive to both customers and producers.