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We are changing food supply for good

Our current food system isn’t fit for purpose. Poverty, obesity, greenhouse gas emissions, water over-consumption and contamination, soil erosion and biodiversity destruction – these are the main issues putting us in an unacceptably precarious position from a food security perspective.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable, short supply chain alternative to the intensive production methods and long, opaque supply chains that dominate the food industry today.

Our values


We believe sustainable, fresh, seasonal produce should be fulfilled via short, light, fast supply chains at an accessible price to all, regardless of social demographic, geographic or sector differences.

We commit to changing food supply for good by delivering mouth watering food whilst reducing green house gas emissions and reversing the biodiversity loss and soil degradation associated with intensive food production

curiosity & courage

We believe in continuously improving the experiences, practices and processes for everyone and everything in the food supply chain in order to develop food security for generations to come.

We innovate food supply chains in order to create access to sustainably produced food. This means less food waste, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, higher animal and human welfare, and restored biodiversity and soil health.


We believe that open and transparent communication creates an environment of trust and that short food supply chains help to create a sense of accountability on the part of the producer and the customer.

We are honest and tell the truth about the provenance of food. We communicate the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainably produced food delivered via short supply chains. Where improvement is needed, we call it out.

doing the right thing

We believe in financial fair play and transparency, collaboration over competition and removing the barriers to short food supply chains. We compromise where necessary for the sake of progress.

We collaborate in order to deliver a sustainable supply of food and drink. We pay food producers promptly a fair price. We consider the impact of decisions on all members of the supply chain and create environments for others to thrive. Seeking to influence positive change through engaging partnerships is at the core of what we do.

Our purpose

Deliver exceptional food with sustainable, fresh, seasonal produce.
Develop food security for generations to come.