Booja-Booja Norfolk

Based in Norfolk, Booja-Booja produces a range of organic, dairy, gluten and soy-free chocolate truffles and frozen desserts. Set up in 1999, its 11 varieties of handmade truffles and five flavours of ice cream are now supplied in specialist food retailers across the United Kingdom and have so far won the company 70 awards and counting.

Their chocolate is sourced from the Dominican Republic & Ecuador. As a dairy-free producer, the provenance of Booja-Booja’s cacao is of great importance to the independent chocolatier. Working with the family owned Pacari Chocolate, the first chocolate producer in Ecuador, the team are not only committed to the highest quality ingredients but also sustainable farming methods and supporting small, rural farmers. As well as helping to make a difference overseas, Booja-Booja is also committed to environmental practices throughout its UK operations, demonstrated in the packaging, which is almost entirely recyclable.

Produce from Booja-Booja

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