Bramley & Gage Bath

Bramley & Gage started making liqueurs over 20 years ago on their fruit farm in South Devon. The lessons learnt in growing fruit still guide their production in Gloucestershire today, from letting it ripen fully and naturally on the bush, to using only the varieties that give the best flavour.

They're a working distillery based just outside of Bristol, making a range of fruit liqueurs and 6 O’clock Gin. They still make all the products ourselves, by hand, using only real, whole, fruit, sourced as locally as possible. The production process ensures that as much of the natural flavour, freshness, and colour of the fruit as possible is retained, together with the maximum amount of naturally occurring vitamins. There are no added colourings or preservatives in their Fruit Liqueurs, Gins or Brandy.

Produce from Bramley & Gage

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