Essential Trading Co-operative Bristol

Essential are a workers’ cooperative based in Bristol, delivering ethically-sourced cupboard essentials to independent retailers. Organically-grown, Fairtrade, 100% vegetarian and vegan and additive-free, the electricity used to produce Essential foods is generated by solar panels and all Essential packaging is recycled and responsibly-sourced. This is a company creating food you can feel good about.

Formed in 1991, when Bath's Harvest wholefood cooperative combined with the Nova team in Bristol, Essential Trading works with suppliers on a local and international level to offer a range of store-cupboard essentials that satisfy Fairtrade, biodynamic, ethical and co-operative principles. From tea grown on reclaimed desert to flapjacks baked near the Essential HQ in Fishponds, Bristol, the cooperative closely monitors its supply chain from producer to retailer. Essential foods are supplied exclusively to independents, adding even more value to the local economies that supply them in the first place. We asked what it’s like to work at Essential? "It is a co-operative business structure that truly allows our trading ethics to govern our business decisions. It also allows us to run our business based on the values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring."

Produce from Essential Trading Co-operative

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