Fentimans Northumberland

Fentimans brews its traditional drinks using a unique ‘botanical’ process largely unchanged since the company was founded in 1905. Ginger root and other base ingredients are milled then simmered in a copper pan to release their flavour. Natural flavourings are added and the concoction is left to ferment for a week before distribution.

The company’s story is as remarkable as its method. In 1905, iron puddler Thomas Fentiman received a family recipe for ginger beer from another tradesman as security against a loan. Fentiman was never repaid and began using the recipe, selling stone jars of the beer from the back of a cart. The drinks quickly proved so popular that Fentiman went on to open a series of factories in the North East of England. Today, the founder’s great grandson manages the company, which sticks proudly to the same fermentation process as Thomas Fentiman used, alongside added carbonisation to give their drinks longer life once opened. Fentiman’s recipes stand for authenticity and natural taste: no synthetic flavours or colourings are needed following the milling and cooking of the primary ingredients. That doesn’t limit the range of drinks on offer, however: alongside their famous Ginger Beer, the company offers Curiosity Cola, Traditional and Rose Lemonade and Dandelion and Burdock.

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