Kitchen Garden Gloucestershire

The brainchild of Cotswolds residents, Robin and Barbara Moinet, Kitchen Garden produces some of the finest quality jams, chutneys, marmalades and condiments in the country. Having made their first blackberry and apple jam back in 1989, the pair have since built up the business to produce a range of artisan foods.

Based in the small town of Stroud, Kitchen Garden’s headquarters are housed within the town’s old brewery where the dedicated team work at perfecting their recipes. All of the products on offer are made using fresh, naturally dried, or frozen fruits and vegetables, by hand, in small batches in open pans to ensure a high intensity of flavour. Purists at heart, Kitchen Garden doesn’t use any additives or artificial preservatives. Added to this, all of the products are vegetarian friendly with some suitable for vegans, and many organically produced adhering to the Soil Association’s standards of production.

Produce from Kitchen Garden

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