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Our purpose at fresh-range is to develop food security for generations to come. This means putting in place the short, light and fast supply chains needed to bring the freshest local food to you. However, we’re not quite there yet on all categories of organic produce throughout the year. We simply don’t have the supply of everything we need in this region. So, in order to ensure our customers can have what they need when they need it, we work with a number of wholesalers to import foods from further afield either within the UK or from overseas.

Remember, we always give prominence to local producers by putting the fresh-range stamp on the product and ranking it top of category – this stamp reassures you the food is coming directly from a named farm nearby so it’s the freshest it can be. The products we source from organic wholesalers don’t attract the fresh-range stamp because wholesalers cannot commit to provenance in the same way we can. The country of origin is known for each product and we carefully inspect all produce from wholesalers to ensure it is the best quality available on the market at this time.

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