Rhubarb & Squirrel Bristol

Rhubarb & Squirrel was conceived through a love of stationery, creativity, design, texture and colour, and was inspired by the Great-Grandmother of owner and greetings card designer, Suzy Furse: "The knitting shown in many of my designs is the handiwork of my Great Gran, Win. The wool was bought as second-hand jumpers, unravelled and lovingly re-knitted into a wardrobe of little clothes for my favourite dolls; she was still knitting at the ripe old age of 101. Winnie loved re-inventing things, and so do I. She would have been delighted to see her 1970's creations used in such a way. I can almost hear her saying in her Welsh lilt: 'there's lovely'." Suzy's personal connection with Rhubarb & Squirrel doesn't stop there either; the name itself apparently derives from "two important little girls' nicknames".

Suzy takes great care and attention in order to supply high quality greetings cards: "It's crucial to me that the cards have been printed in Bristol, using vegetable-based inks and printed on FSC-Certified card. Each card arrives sealed in a protective bag by hand to ensure they reach you in the very best condition."

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