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Bristol-based Yaoh (“yay-oh”) was born on Valentine’s Day 2002 and, despite being a relative newcomer, they are now one of the UK’s leading vegan companies. Specialising in organic hemp, Yaoh’s range of bodycare and food products is free from harmful chemicals, avoiding the use of parabens, SLS, chemical preservatives and other harsh ingredients. Wherever possible, they use organic ingredients and none of them have been tested on animals. The products are made fresh and in small runs by specialists. Manufacturing every six to eight weeks ensures optimum freshness for their customers. Yaoh is one of the UK's leading ethical companies having topped the Ethical Consumer Magazine Best Buy categories 4 times. Proud sponsors of the UK’s biggest vegan events, Yaoh also publish ‘A Vegan Guide to Bristol’, featuring hundreds of vegan businesses, organisations, people and products.

What makes Yaoh unique? “All our products are vegan, and so are all the Yaoh team. We are passionate supporters of all things vegan, organic and fair trade. All our products carry the Vegan Society trade mark. We only work with the independents; we are a staunch supporter of the Independent Natural Products trade. We value immensely the unique integrity, passion, honesty and altruism that runs deep within the trade and our products are only available through the independents.”

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