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Delicious versatile wheat free noodles with a rich, nutty buckwheat taste. It is known as 'Juwari Soba' in Japanese, meaning 100% soba.

The Japanese, after centuries of eating noodles, have developed a deep respect for soba. Soba (the Japanese name for buckwheat) noodles are primarily made from buckwheat, the amount can actually vary from 40% to 100% and it is the buckwheat which gives the noodles their characteristic dark colour and rich, nutty flavour. The difficulty of making noodles from flour with no gluten such as the Clearspring 100% buckwheat noodles has resulted in a traditional art developed around their manufacture by hand and requires dedication and experience.

Despite its name Buckwheat is completely unrelated to wheat and contains no gluten, in fact it is related to rhubarb and sorrel. The plant gives rise to triangular seeds after a short growing season which after careful milling give rise to a silky, beige coloured flour.

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Whole buckwheat flour (98%), sea salt.

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Store in a cool, dark, dry, place.


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