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DEFRA appoint fresh-range to UK Government Food Taskforce 14/12/2017, Info

Several weeks ago, I presented a fresh-range case study at UK DEFRA HQ in Westminster during their launch of a new online portal to enable food producers to score themselves against the balanced scorecard for public sector food procurement. The reaction to fresh-range’s unique approach to public sector food procurement was strong and positive.

Since then, DEFRA have invited me to sit on an Industry Food Procurement Taskforce. The first taskforce meeting took place this week with many of the food industry’s biggest players. The government are seeking advice on how to improve the approach to public sector procurement UK-wide. Specifically, there is a goal to procure a greater proportion of food from SMEs. The fresh-range proprietary platform and capabilities can enable this. A supply chain workstream has been formed and I will be advising on how short, light, fast supply chains in regional hubs can enable independent sustainable producers to access public sector and supply their produce into schools, hospitals, prisons, universities and local authorities.

Sitting on a round table with some of the food industry’s biggest players was a great recognition of how far fresh-range has come since launching into food service less than 2 years ago.

Rich Osborn
Fresh-range founder and CEO