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Sesame Crusted Cod with Leek Vinaigrette 31/05/2019, Recipes

Serves 4

This versatile cod dish is a light summer favourite. The sesame adds crunch and the Rose Farm honey and mustard dressing sweetens the roasted leek.

Time: approx. 15 min active, 30 min total. Makes 3-4 servings.

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What you get:

520g cod

1 cup brown basmati rice

2 leeks (½ leek per serving)

3 Tbsp raw coconut oil

½ cup sesame seeds

1 red chilli


From your larder:

salt and pepper to season



Rose Farm honey and mustard dressing

Step 1

Cook the brown rice according to the packet instructions and set aside.

Step 2

Measure and cut the cod into fillets, sized as desired. Place sesame seeds in a shallow plate. Press the fillets to coat with seeds on both sides. Set a non-stick skillet on a medium-high heat and when hot, spoon in the coconut oil. Pan fry the cod fillets, between 1-2 min per side only, as they cook quickly.

Step 3

Remove the cod from the skillet and set aside. Meanwhile, wash, trim and slice the leeks, then cook in the skillet with the sliced length facing down. Cover and sauté for 3-5 minutes until the leek is lightly seared - tender to the bite with a slight crunch. Once cooked, set aside.

Step 4

Bring the collection together by plating up the rice and cod fillets, spoon honey and mustard dressing over the leeks and top with freshly sliced chilli if desired.


Note: This collection will provide you with leftover products for further recipes.

by Melanie R Gonzalez, nutritionist at CookYourLife