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What is the true cost of food? 09/03/2018, Health & Lifestyle

"Although food appears never to have been cheaper, when we look beneath the surface, we are actually paying far more for it than we might possibly imagine." 
The Sustainable Food Trust

Fresh-range is one of the organisers of the Innovations in the Cost of Catering Conference in March 2017, to examine the financial, health and environmental costs of food supply.

The keynote speaker is Patrick Holden CBE, founder and chief executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, who will speak on the true cost of food in the UK. He believes that we pay for food in many ways, not just at the checkout. And that the true cost varies according to how the food is produced and how well or poorly it contributes to a healthy diet.

It is fascinating, and critical work - and shows more than ever why in 2018 we should all be looking at alternative methods of food supply. 

Click on the image to your right to watch a short film that cleverly illustrates how we are paying a high price for food in hidden ways, and why we need true cost accounting in our food and farming systems.