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Why butterflies need cows 15/06/2020, Health & Lifestyle

The third in our series of five 60 second films, produced in collaboration with Farm Wilder, reviews the importance of livestock to UK wildlife and biodiversity.

The intensification of farming has come at a staggering cost to human health, animal welfare, biodiversity, water and soil health. So many of our native wildlife species in the UK have been decimated or entirely wiped out in the past 40 years. Now, is a critical moment to understand the positive role farming can play in bringing back Britain’s wildlife.

In this film Miranda Krestovnikoff, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr George McGavin explain that the intensification of farming has caused widespread damage to biodiversity but we cannot blame farmers for this. Farmers want to farm sustainably. We have a crucial role to play in building demand for wildlife friendly, sustainable food.

Watch the 60 second film here: Why do butterflies need cows?

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Thanks go to presenters Chris Packham, Professor Alice Roberts, Dr George McGavin and Miranda Krestovnikoff - experts making the case for environmentally friendlier meat.